Electrical Safety Tips

Electricity is one of those things you don’t want to mess with.  Electrical current is very dangerous to the human body and if you come in contact with it, you could experience a slight shock or get a jolt that could kill you.  This is why contacting electrical contractors orange park fl before doing anything with electricity is a wise move.  Here are a few other tips, tricks and suggestions to keep you and others safe from the dangers of electricity.

Don’t overload your outlets

This is the number one thing that people do when they use electricity.  At this point in our lives we have hundreds of devices that require power.  These include computers, televisions, microwave ovens, cell phones, heaters and so much more.  With all of these devices in our lives the need for more outlets is a must.  However, most people will only have a few outlets near to them at any given time.  If this sound familiar, don’t overload the outlets with power strips and extension cords.  Pace your charging and don’t drain or strain your outlets.

Put safety caps in outlets

When we have small children around the holes in the outlets can look like a tempting toy.  However, as we know sticking a penny in a socket isn’t funny.  If you are going to have unused outlets or if you are going to have children in the home put in safety caps into the outlets. 

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Don’t yank on cords

Having a plug that just doesn’t want to come out is a real hassle.  If you have a plug that you just can’t get out don’t yank on it, rather go and find someone that can help you remove it safely.  When we yank our cords we can damage them, break off prongs and much worse.  Take your time and find help if needed.