Building Structure In Your Communication Network

Communication is a vital part in any event, business or situation.  Without communication we are unable to know what is going on or if we are needed in a specific area.  The importance of finding just the right communication solutions berkeley for your needs will be a challenge but with these tips and tricks you will be able to get a step ahead of the game.

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Know the goal before you begin

Before going out to an event make sure that you have a meeting with all members of your team before leaving.  In this meeting make sure to go over all of the information needed to make the event a success.  Discuss what each team or individual’s tasks and responsibilities are.  Allow them to ask questions, give them a handout with acceptable actions and give them a way to communicate with you.

Code Words

Using codes in communications is a great way to communicate with people quickly and without others knowing what is that’s going on.  When we use code words like “Code Blue” or “Code Red” a signal is given to your group that will put in motion a specific set of actions.

Check in points

When working on a project make sure that you have check in points.  These can be every thirty minutes, every hour or as needed.  When we check in this sends a message to the group commander or organizer of the event as to the status of your particular area.

Don’t panic

If something does go wrong and you need to send out a distress code don’t panic.  Take a moment to assess the situation and then refer back to your required sets of actions.  When we stay calm and really allow ourselves to focus the situation can easily resolve itself as well as have the least amount of disturbances possible.